Animal Repellents

Repelling off animals could save you from animal attacks and save your life! Bear repellents are a must if you are going camping or hiking were there are known bears. These repellents will cause the bear to strand down and wonder off in another direction. It's common for those you do field work who have to knock on doors to be approached by barking dogs that could attack you any minute. Mace Muzzle and the Sonic Dog Caser are just the products to avoid such attacks. The Hike'en Strick is a walking stick with a  950,000-volt Stun Gun on the end of it to repell about any animal you may encounter. Since it's on a stick, it helps you keep distance between the approaching animal and you until the animal gets a stun so it will take off in another direction. The Hik'en Strick  also has a build in flash light. Be safe  and be prepared when it comes to approaching animals. You'll be happy you have these self defense products. And remember ....our secure shopping cart accepts all major credit cards and also accepts PayPal. When paying by PayPal- you do not have to have a PayPal account and have a one click option to obtain PayPal credit so you can buy now and pay later