Child Safety And Protection

The protection and safety of your children is a top priority! These products help you do just that in the form of out of premises alarms and locators as well as video monitoring systems. There is nothing more distressing than to take your eyes off your child for normal tasks only to suddenly notice the child is gone! There are safety and protection solutions that void all that stress! You'll love the Panda and Wireless Child Leash your children can wear and notify you if they start to wonder off. The Mini Child GPS tracker can be worn in a pocket or around the neck and quickly give you the location of a wondering child. The Flower Night Vision baby monitor can clip to your child's bed and monitor 24/7. The Covert Video Black Box and the Covert Video Stuffed Animal Dog are just the thing as a NannyCam! Protect your child now with these innovative cutting edge SpyTek products and have piece of mind that your children are safe.  And remember -  our secure shopping cart accepts all major credit cards and also accepts PayPal. When paying by PayPal- you do not have to have a PayPal account and have a one click option to obtain PayPal credit so you can buy now and pay later