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 Updated New Generation -
CMS 25 Professional Countermeasures Sweep Kit 
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The CMS Countermeasures Sets are designed for the person who wants to be able to perform the basic countermeasures checks either for his own security or as a business offering the service to others. This is one of our most popular kit because of it's versatility, advanced features and price. The kit is built around the TD-62 Transmitter Detector which features both Geiger counter readings and audio readings through headphones, built in sensitivity switch and the all important verification mode so you'll know instantly if you are picking up a bug or just a radio signal. This unit sweeps frequencies up to 600 kHz in several ranges. Three additional probes are including giving you the ability to provide extra measures of privacy protection. The Infrared probe detects light beams, especially lasers (a popular way to transmit audio).The Microwave RF Probe sweeps for eavesdropping in the microwave ranges which is common and often missed by other detectors. The Line Driver Probe gives you the ability to check any wire you find during a countermeasures sweep to see if it is a wired hidden microphone. A handsome carrying case and detailed instruction manual gives you a complete and professional countermeasures kit.

The CMS-25 Countermeasures Set consists of the following instruments and accessories:

• TD-62 Transmitter Detector
• P-01 Wideband RF Probe
• P-02 Infrared Probe
• P-03 Line Driver Probe
• P-04 Microwave RF Probe
• TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector
• Earbuds
• Various cords, adaptors and Padded Carrying Case
• Various cords and adapters

Watch A Short Video On The CMS-25 Countermeasures Sweep Kit

Transmitter Detector - TD-62
If you suspect your premises are bugged, for your own peace of mind, check it out. The TD-62 can be used to detect, verify and locate hidden transmitters in your home, office or car. The TD-62 Transmitter Detector is a complex piece of countermeasures test equipment that comes standard with the Wideband RF Probe. This transmitter detector can be used with the 4 available probes described below to search for and locate virtually every type of transmitting bug in use today.

• Wideband RF Probe (up to 2.5 GHZ)
• Infrared Probe (Laser Detector)
• Line Driver Probe (Detects hard wired microphones)
• Microwave RF Probe (2.5 GHZ to 6 GHZ)

Use the TD-62 to perform a professional RF sweep of your premises. Similar in operation to a Geiger counter, the sensitive antenna system can be used to probe all areas of a room. As the antenna approaches the hidden transmitter, the audible tone clicks faster and faster while the signal strength is displayed in a bar graph on the units LCD screen.

Transmitter Detector - TD-62At this point, switch modes from Detect to Verify to differentiate a bugs from a regular radio or TV transmission. If a bugging device is present, a continuous squealing tone is generated by the TD-62.

By sweeping the probe, this tone can lead you directly to the bug. The selectable SENSITIVITY level improves detection capabilities of the unit in high signal strength areas. For private (non-alerting) listening, an earphone jack is provided.

The Four Probes For the TD-62 (All Included In The CSM Countermeasures Kit)

Wide Band RF Probe P-01R
The wide band RF probe detects RF transmissions up to 2.5 GHZ.

Infrared (IR) Probe P-02R

The P-02R is a special probe which when used with the TD-62 allows you to search for sources of infrared (IR) transmissions. Light beams, especially lasers, provide an excellent method for carrying audio intelligence and are not detectable by RF (radio frequency) detectors. In the case of amplitude modulated or pulse frequency modulated sources, you can actually listen and determine if the IR beam is carrying voice or other intelligence.

Line Driver Probe P-03R
The P-03 Line Driver Probe lets you use the TD-62 for checking wire pairs for hidden microphones. One of the two LEDs on the P-03 alerts you to the presence of voltage on a wire pair. The other LED alerts you to current flow in a wire pair when the Line Driver switch is operated. The Line Driver switch applies a voltage to the wire pair under test to turn on voltage activated microphones. The A/B switch reverses the polarity of the voltage for detecting polarity sensitive devices. You can also monitor the wire pair through the TD-62 amplifier and speaker to determine if room audio is present on the pair. Any of the above conditions can indicate a microphone attached to the wire pair under test.

Microwave Probe P-04R
The P-04R is used in conjunction with the TD-62 for detecting microwave transmitters with an operating frequency up to 6 GHz . The probe covers microwave frequencies up to 6 GHz using an Omni directional antenna. The P-04R is used in conjunction with the TD-62 for detecting and verifying microwave signals.

Advanced Wiretap Detector TT-46
While not much can be done about down-line taps, the TT-46 will help you check your phone lines for on-premises series and parallel bugs and wiretaps. You can also check your telephone for the most common types of hookswitch bypasses. (A hookswitch bypass is a modification to the telephone instrument that causes the transmitter or receiver in the telephone handset to pick up room sounds and pass them down the phone line even with the phone hung up. This effectively turns the telephone into a room monitor.)

The TT-46 detects series devices with a resistance of 10 ohms or more. (Most series taps have a resistance of over 100 ohms.) It also detects parallel devices with a resistance of 65 megohms or less. (Most parallel taps are under 30 megohms.) It can also detect certain capacitively coupled taps.

Advanced Wiretap Detector TT-46Also included in the TT-46 is a line monitor that lets you check the wire pairs for the presence of room audio when the phones are hung up. (The presence of room audio on the phone line when the telephones are not being used is a sure sign of bugging.) A line driver is part of the monitor function. The line driver is used to turn on (activate) any voltage operated microphones, such as FET mics, that may be connected to a pair of wires.

The unit weighs 9 oz. and measures 7" x 4.6" x 2.25" (with the cover closed). It is powered by one 9 volt alkaline battery (included). Also included are all necessary cords, plugs and adapters along with an illustrated instruction manual.

The Complete Professional Countermeasures CMS 25 Sweep Kit includes all of the items as described above. This popular countermeasures sweep package is great for private investigative agencies who do or want to do home or office basic countermeasures sweeps and is priced right so you can get started quickly. Once you get it, read the manual and you'll be up and running in a day with proficiency! The CMS 25 kit is made in America and this gear, all through recently updated had been made for 40 years! It is and has been the most popular countermeasures starter kit in the market today.

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