CounterTek Bluetooth Digital/Analog High Frequency RF Detector

CounterTek Bluetooth is a pocket sized multifunctional bug detector that sweeps from an amazing 10 MHz up to 6GHz! Don't get fooled by cheap knock-offs all over the net that do not work! This is the one and only and original Bluetooth that switches from analog to digital mode! With the flip of a switch, you have a digital bug detector. The CounterTek Bluetooth Detector, will sweep for Bluetooth, WLAN, WI-FI, Cellular phone, and Digital Spread Spectrum wireless products. Wireless information is being stolen everyday via Bluetooth wireless. Make sure you are safe, by making sure no one is stealing your information. CounterTek Bluetooth also checks for wireless video signals. Most bug and video detectors now can check up to 3ghz, but they are missing the new 5.8 ghz cameras and bugs! With the CounterTek Bluetooth detector, you won't miss what others will and you will be in a postion to sweep for both analog and digital eavesdropping.

This new generation of Bug Detection Equipment, can not only detect conventional wireless audio bugs, but can detect the new methods of bugging. Cell phones, and other devices using Bluetooth, WLAN, WI-FI, and Digital Spread Spectrum devices are becoming more and more popular. Now you can detect when these devices are in use. Don't be fooled by cheap know-offs and fakes found on the net. This is the one and only original Bluetooth Detector that's SpyTek approved that switches from analog to digital mode and picks up everything!

• Really Four New Generation Detectors In One!
• Switch From Analog Sweep To Digital Sweep!
• Switch From Overt Search Sweeping Mode To Vibrate Mode
• Comes With Earphone Jack And Pug
• 3 LED indicators to determine signal strength
• Sensitivity Adjustment Tuner
• Portable And Easy To Use

Detection Range And Functions:
• Fast Sweeps From 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz
• Detects Bugs And Wiretaps
• Detects Wireless Cameras
• Detects Both Analog And Digital Signals

General Specifications:
• Digital/analog switch for signal strength
• 3 LED indicators to determine signal strength
• Signal strength audible alarm
• Vibration warning mode
• Silent alarm monitoring using earphones
• Senstivity tuner
• 3V DC power (uses 2 AAA batteries, included)
• 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz

Wireless Camera Detection Range Specifications
• 5.8 GHz from approximately 2 feet
• 2.4 GHz from approximately 5 feet

Cellular Phone Detection Range Specifications
• Analog signals from approximately 20 feet
• Digital signals from approximately 40 feet

• CounterTek Bluetooth HIgh Frequency RF Detector
• Earpeice
• Pocket clip
• User Manual Instructions


You can use CounterTek Bluetooth as a conventional detection unit conducting countermeasures sweeps of an office, home, car or boat but that's just the start of the multifunctional ability of this new generation unit. Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs and look-a-likes! CounterTek basic can also function as a covert pocket detector. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and you can place it on silent vibration mode. When the unit detects bugging, electronic eavesdropping or wireless cameras, it will silently vibrate alerting you covertly to the presence of electronic snooping. CounterTek basic can switch back and forth from overt sweeping mode to covert vibration mode as well as switch from analog to digital mode. It's really four sweeping units in one!

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