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How it works: Thomas Investigative Publications is happy to announce ebooks at substantial savings. Here is how it works.You purchase the ebooks you want at substantial savings. Once your order is processed, we email you a temporary link to go and download the ebook online in a PDF file. All you need is a free PDF reader on your computer. Most computers come with a PDF reader but if you do not have one, it's free software. It is a free download so click here to get it of you use windows. If you use a Mac click here if you do not have it. Most portable devices such as most smart phones and iPads can also read PDF files so you can carry your ebooks with you wherever you go and read them whenever you have time. By obtaining books in a digital way, you save a huge amount of money, don't have to wait for them to be shipped and keep them on your computer, notebook, laptop or digital device.