DV-10 Reverse Peephole Viewer



New Generation LawMate Reverse Peephole Viewer And Camera Lens
Law Enforcement Grade! Higher Quality And Lower Price!

This high quality high end scope device is designed for reversing a regular door viewer which would let the user such as law enforcement or bail recovery see behind a closed door to scope out a situation inside a room silently before entering. On special operations, in case a door does not already have a peephole viewer, one is included for installing.

The new Peephole Lens is perfect for law enforcement, bounty hunters, bail bondsmen, or any other preofession that requires frequently knocking on high risk doors. This device gives you the advantage of knowing exactly who and what is on the other side of that door, allowing you to better assess and handle the situation. The rubber cone over the objective lens gives you the option of pressing the device against a digital camera to take photos through the viewer. installing.

  • • Simple operation
  • • Light blocking cone
  • • Use AS Soft Mount Camera Lens 


  • • Size: 28 X 80 mm
  • • Weight: 50 g
  • • View Angle: 10
  • • Eyepiece: +/- 5
  • • Eyepiece Ring: Detachable
  • • Objective Lens; Detachable
  • • Case: Synthetic Leather Case
  • • Using: Put Head Correctly At Door And View Through Objective Lens


  • • Lawmate Reverse Door Peephole Lens
  • • Carrying Case
  • • Lens Cloth


Use As A Soft mount Camera Lens: With it's flexible soft eye viewer- you have the capacity to easily and quickly press a digital camera to the unit and take photos or videos by holding the camera up to the viewer.

This law enforcement grade fine optic will work with just about any peephole. It fits most common peepholes used in the United States for apartments, condominiums and houses. It can also be used in other countries where the peepholes are similar to those used in the USA. The optic is pocket portable and ready for use when you need it. Unlike cheaper low grade versions that do not have the optical capacity for really quick viewing, you will get a sharp clear view every time! Not only that,this high grade unit can be used as quick soft mount digital camera lens. It comes in an attractive high end black case. Get your behind the door seeing advantage today at a very special price!

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