Sound Pro


Sound Pro II Professional Series Shotgun Microphone
New and Improved-Now with more amp power and noise cancelling headphones. 1.4 Watts of RMS power "homes in" on distant sounds while eliminating unwanted "side" sounds from both the microphone itself and the headphones. 

The Extended range feature of the Sound Pro II microphone, is acutally two microphones in one. The first microphone in highly directional, the second microphone is omni directional and "cancels" noises coming in from the sides, thereby creating the "extended range" effect.

The Sound Pro II features a background noise filter switch and output jack for tape recorder.

Unit comes complete with microphone handle, camera mount, 1.4 Watt RMS amplifier (+120Db Gain), Noise cancelling headset, "AA" battery for microphone, 9-Volt Battery for amplifier, "AA" battery for headphones, and carry case. 6 month warranty.

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