WiFi Enabled Covert Video Camera Recording Systems

This is a collection of cameras that all have the ability to transmit and be controlled via local wifi, and P2P.  Great for surveillance. WiFi enabled means you have the ability to put in place a covert video recording system and then either view live from another devise such as your smartphone or tablet or have the video stored so you can retrieve the evidence latter through a wireless WiFi connection. Once in place, you will have no need to physically handle the in-place covert video camera system again since you can retrieve your covert video wirelessly! You'll find an extensive selection of WiFi enabled covert recording systems in this collection so you can pick just the right system for your covert video operations. There are systems for home, office, indoor and outdoor use as well as many night vision enabled systems so you will always be able to capture the video evidence you need no matter what the lighting conditions are!